Friday, 2 January 2009

2/365 Dayglow Teabreak

I didn't go anywhere to take pictures today but the sun shone brightly for a while (and very welcome it was too!), streaming into my kitchen. It illuminated some of Jodie's artwork on the wall and I caught the reflections in my cuppa. This is my favourite Denby cup, from the Spice range (now discontinued), and I'm pleased with this shot even though my hubby thinks I've lost the plot already on day 2 of the challenge!! :0)
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  1. I like it! Makes me wanna go get a cuppa now!

  2. Nicky~
    I think this serves the "plot" very well. I love the reflection and the color in your cup. Looks yummy.

    very interesting....

  3. I love the composition of this image very much.

  4. The reflection was the first thing I noticed. I think it is very unique and cool!
    Composition is great, and I would love to come over and have a cup with you!

  5. Its obvious your hubby's kinda loony, then :).

    This is beautiful. I LOVE how the light in the cup looks kinda like a leaf (at least to me, I'm kinda weird myself, lol). Love it :).

  6. Great capture and the photo gives off a feeling of peace and tranquility. Makes me want to have a cuppa! You didn't loose the plot. The "plot" is pretty much limitless.



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