Thursday, 15 January 2009

Bonus photo! Vintage Toys

When I posted today's Hyacinth Blue I had forgotten that I intended to get some vintage toys out for Jodie's school topic and take a photo of them. I was reading an article in a photomag this week about taking still life shots of items found in your home with domestic lighting and home-made equipment. It included a reflector made from tin foil on card and a diffuser made from greaseproof paper stretched over an empty picture frame. So here's the result - floor lamp camera right as well as main room light on, diffuser (translucent toybox lid) held in front of floor lamp, camera set to tungsten on a tripod (long exposure), and a pop up reversible backdrop behind, which looked infinitely better than the cream curtain and scruffy (yet to be decorated) white walls! I am thrilled with the result and just had to post it! Perhaps I'll make a point of adding Bonus Photos through the year when I try out a new technique and it turns out well!

As for the toys - the teddy bear is mine and was bought for me when I was a baby; the 2 wind-up clockwork toys my Dad bought me when I was about 5 or 6 and they've been in their boxes all that time; the vehicles and tardis are Lesney, Corgi & Dinky toys from the 50s and 60s, well played with by my 2 older brothers to whom they really belong. The bronze one in the middle is James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 from (?) Goldfinger.
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  1. This is outstanding!! I love the effect you got from your lighting and it was very interesting reading how you did it! Great job.

  2. Thanks for sharing you home-made light set up. It worked wonderfully. I don't own anything other than my 580ex and no wireless triggers. Light usually looks flat with the fash attached to the camera. I need to read your article. What magazine was it?

  3. Cool effect and nice collection of toys. I have some that I played with when I was little and I love getting them out and looking at them.

  4. The lighting looks great. It's really neat when you discover that you can do things like this without breaking the bank. Excellent shot and some neat toys.



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