Thursday, 22 January 2009

22/365 Rita's Narcissus

Rita is my wonderful MIL, and this is her Narcissus. She received a lovely glass bowl with 'glass chippings' as the growing medium and 3 narcissus bulbs for Christmas from one of her other sons. I visited Rita today in Sheffield; a wet grey journey there, but a blue sky and sunshine journey back after a lovely few hours catching up on news and having lunch. I love my MIL :0)
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  1. We had temps above freezing today and now I see your lovely flowers. I'm ready for spring.

  2. Love the use of DOF. Pretty flower too

  3. Beautiful shot. They smell soooo good. At our wedding these were my table decorations. I grew 100 pots of these on my enclosed porch. They were so pretty.

  4. Nice shot and so nice to see flowers!



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