Sunday, 11 January 2009

11/365 She's so lovely

We went to the park this afternoon and Jodie went on the roundabout. Luckily, another little girl went on at the same time and her Dad did the pushing so I could catch this shot. Its a tad warmer here, but very overcast grey skies still, I'm really missing the light. This is the first image of Jodie in the blog, but it certainly won't be the last! Oh, and "She's so Lovely" refers not just to my beautiful girl, but to the second track on Scouting for Girls' first album which we play quite a lot and Jodie loves.
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  1. Looks like she's having a great time. Good shot stopping the action and keeping her in sharp focus.

  2. If only! It was 1/40, f4.0, and just before the other girl's Dad got going with the pushing! On my Picasa page you can see the next 3 blurry shots as she's whizzing around. I have suggested we go there in better light with Dad to push and I can practice my panning technique!

  3. Lovely portrait of a real sweetie!

  4. those curls are to die for. Great shot.

  5. She is an adorable cutie pie! I love her little hair clips, she is going to be a diva one day. :-) She has the most loving eyes looking at her mum!



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