Wednesday, 31 December 2008

One day to go!

So, ready to start in the morning - I already have some ideas for the first few days, looking forward to it, and hubby's ok with it as long as it doesn't keep me from the decorating!

Seriously though, with decorating on the go, building work planned for later in 2009, and photo skills to practice and techniques to learn, I shouldn't be short of material should I? Buckets of inspiration at every turn! LOL!

Happy New Year to everyone, let the fun commence :0) !!

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Frosty winter morning

I don't usually relish cold weather, but I have been wanting to take wintry pictures, this being the first winter with my Canon. However, one thing about British weather - you can't rely on it to do what you expect these days! I wonder if I'll capture a good rainbow some time during the coming year?Posted by Picasa

Wow! I've set up a blog!

Well I've been meaning to do this for a while and had some words of encouragement from fellow MomPhotographers, but what finally gave me the final impetus was the prospect of starting a 365 photo project for 2009.

My son Oliver wants to join in too, so we'll be able to encourage each other too, but he can't use my camera!! Will we both stay the course? Well I think I probably will, but he may lose interest after a while!

Wish me luck folks, and watch this space!


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