Tuesday, 6 January 2009

6/365 An ice picture or a nice picture?

We are having a cold snap here at the moment so I ventured onto the deck and took the slab of ice from a bowl and put it in the sun - its one of those crisp bright winter days with blue sky and sunshine. A leaf from a silver birch is trapped in the ice, along with many air bubbles. Hard choice today - I'll post some of the other shots to Picasa later.
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  1. Fabulous capture! I thought it was water boiling or bubbling! Very nice :)

  2. Wonderful "texture" in this photo.

  3. Very cool shot! I love the detail you captured!

  4. Totally cool! I love the "texture". I never really thought that it had any texture but flat!

  5. I tried to figure it out without reading first. I'm glad you told us what it is-it's so cool. Nice shot.



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