Wednesday, 7 January 2009

7/365 What's cookin'?

Well I thought I had today's shot in the bag easy peasy this morning, but when I looked at it on the monitor this afternoon it was terrible - too much noise, a very grey dull low sky day here today :0( So, shot 7: take 2 - I was getting our meal ready and here we are. The pan is one of 3 which were wedding gifts back in '94. I like the group of utensils and the shadows they cast to the left, you can see the steamer on the right (beyond the salt!) and the eagle-eyed photogs among you might notice my charger plugged in just above the knob of the pan lid! And the green patch is a colour swatch - we'll need to decide soon on what colour to paint the kitchen, but when we do, that particular section of wall will no longer be there!
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  1. All that in one little
    Good capture.

  2. I have done that 2 times now where the shot I really wanted to use, had noise :( I like this though, its great -- makes me feel at home -- and hungry :)

  3. Nice - I like this one. I think I see you and your tripod in the pot too. :)

  4. Well spotted re tripod in shot! I'm conspicuous in an orange gillet! I could have got out of shot as was using timer to avoid camera shake - ambient light, long exp. ;0)



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