Sunday, 25 January 2009

25/365 Psychadelia

Jodie & I made today's picture(s) happen together. I was tidying up some crafting things and these oversized sequins tipped out of a ripped bag onto the (clear for once) table top and I had an idea. These are linked sequins of about 1.25" diameter which were part of a bead-style doorway curtain. I hooked some of the strands over the window catch above the table, Jodie arranged and re-arranged them and made them move around while I took pictures, we had great fun experimenting with them, slow shutter speeds, with and without lights/flash, and then Jodie helped choose some of the best, I did a little cropping and tweaking - saturation and such, just in Picasa, and then created 2 collages (also in Picasa) and Jodie and I are thrilled with the results. You can see Jodie's reflection in one, and her moving hand in a couple of others. We had a great time playing with these!
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  1. These are awesome! I LOVE everything about them, color, clarity, perspective, movement, etc!

  2. Awesome! Love sparkles. The one with her reflection is great too! The arrangements are cool too. I need to try that. I love that you got your kids in the act. My kids are showing interest in photography. I like that I can help expand their interests.

  3. Great job! How inspiring...

  4. I love the one with the reflection! That is awesome!

  5. These are so cool! Excellent work, very original!



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