Thursday, 29 January 2009

29/365 Derby City Centre (Downtown)

Today I went into town and was determined to take some pictures while I was there. These are just with the p&s on (yet another) grey day, but show a little slice of Derby. For those of you following this blog from across the pond: the yellow cars are taxis - Derby's cabs went yellow from what had been over a century of traditional black several years ago; the image top right shows Derby Cathedral's tower through the fog (I'll take a better one later in the blog, promise); bottom row centre features a clock in an area called The Spot which has a fancy chime at the top of the hour. And finally, no, the fish bar and restaurant isn't mine! ;0)
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  1. Wonderful photos. I love seeing photos of where you live and visit. Thanks bunches for posting your camera gear too.

  2. Those are great Nicky. It's so nice to see where you live!

  3. Being LDS, my husband went to England for his mission. He tells me about the fish and chips shops and how good they were and about the flats he stayed in. Thanks for a peek at your stomping grounds. It was neat to see the fish and chips shop in the captures.

  4. Great shots and collage! Love seeing your town!

  5. I so enjoy getting to see these pieces of your every day lives. Looks like a busy little town. :)



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