Sunday, 1 March 2009

60/365 Near Vicarwood Farm

I did something rare today. I went for a long walk! (Long for me that is!) I had an unexpected window of opportunity in some glorious weather (apart from a chill wind) to walk over the hill featured in a previous blog photo, 34/365 Snow on the landscape. I walked along the curved track and beyond the trees listening to Beautiful South and then Elton John on my ipod and trying out my new filter holder, polariser and nd grad filter. Bliss, apart from that chill wind. (Did I just type 'bliss' in the same paragraph as 'long walk'?? Blimey... I'm in danger of getting fit 'ere!)

I encountered lots of dog walkers and a couple of students who were on bikes, one of whom is also a photographer. Maybe I'll go again another day, next year perhaps! ;0)
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  1. I love the fence! Glad you enjoyed your time out :)

  2. beautiful countryside captures. My husband bought me a polarizer lens cover but I am not sure what it's for. You've peeked my interest. Guess I'll need to give it a go :o) Thanks for sharing. My husband went on a mission for our church when he was a young man. He was sent to England; Mansfield, Cleethorps, Newcastle and Workington in the lake district. He says..."Tara duck and oui the lads" (I have no idea what that means LOL). He tells me of the adventures he experienced and it's nice to have visuals to go with 'em. Thanks again :o)

  3. Just beautiful! It looks a lot like this area! LOL Well... minus the snow that is.



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