Wednesday, 11 March 2009

70/365 She's got her bounce back!

Jodie has fully recovered now and will be back to school tomorrow! This is my favourite of her skirts, I so wish I had one like it, it's fabulous and I'll be sad when she outgrows it.

Earlier in the day Jodie helped me with the shopping list. I have it set up on a spreadsheet so I showed her to put a tick (check mark) next to each item we needed to buy. She was determined to read all the words herself and didn't want me to help, nor did she want me to take her photo - so there a couple of shots below taken from the hip without her realising!

I love the way she is so intent on her task, leaning down low, hiding it with her hair, her feet doing allsorts as she concentrates, and using her own special pony pen of course. In the supermarket we counted fruit items and she read aisle numbers - she has her Dad's math(s) gene, thank goodness! ;0)
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  1. How cute. I love how the skirt is flying in the trampoline photo. Really captures that sense of motion!

  2. I love the action in this photo!

  3. Isn't it amazing how kids recover! Glad she's better and back to herself. I really like the first shot. She looks like she's getting ready to fly!

  4. What a smart little cookie she is! Cute shots doing the grocery list



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