Monday, 30 March 2009

89/365 Kerria blooms

We seem to have quite a few yellow flowering plants in our garden, most of which we inherited when we bought the house, and this is my favourite. This starts to come out just as the forsythia peaks, and shelters under the bare branches of the tamarisk tree. (Just wait til May when the tamarisk is in bloom with a clematis growing through it - its Mark's favourite.)

Rosie & Sweetie mooched in the garden while I took a few pictures, Rosie is very hard to catch well, being so very black! Sweetie just sits there though, mainly.

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  1. Nicky, you're doing so well with your blog! I enjoy your photos.

  2. Thank you Jodie, I am enjoying the project enormously - I didn't think about how big a committment it would be, but don't regret embarking on it at all.



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