Saturday, 28 February 2009

59/365 WWII Re-enactment Event

A WWII re-enactment enthusiast shows Oliver how to tune in the radio, listening for enemy or friendly broadcasts. ("Can you get Radio 2?" I asked.) There wasn't much actual re-enacting going on, but there were lots of re-enactors dressed the part and lots of stalls selling everything you need to look authentic, and many of the items were genuine. Eras included all combatants of the two World Wars as well as the Jacobite Rebellion of the 18th Century (see and and even earlier than that - armour and broadswords, knights and castles! Oliver has a passion for history so was a bit like me at Focus, like a kid in a sweetshop with only one sixpence! I think Oliver would enjoy getting involved in re-enactment so we'll have to see what we can find local to home.
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  1. Interesting photograph. The action between the subjects is cool and the lighting looks good

  2. Wow, I'll bet that was VERY interesting! I've never heard about anything like that around here. It just begs to be photographed.

    I love knights and castles! Great shot!



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