Wednesday, 25 March 2009

84/365 Original and best

We visited the Black Country Living Museum today in Dudley. This is the Fish & Chip shop, reputed to be the best in the Midlands, and I think I must agree - we had the most delicious chips I have eaten in years! Both Oliver & Jodie were on INSET days today, and as it was also my birthday, Mark booked the day off work and we had a day out. It was very cold, very windy, rained some as well, but we will visit again in better weather - it only took an hour via the M6 Troll. I'll upload the rest of the day's pictures to Picasa. [ For the benefit of my American friends - chips = fries, only much, much better ;0) ]

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  1. Nicky, I just love your site, you clever lady!

    Well done you!!




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