Thursday, 5 March 2009

64/365 Cooling towers near Willington

I passed these towers today, there are 5 in total and are now
decommissioned. There were sheep grazing in the field beyond the line of trees. My dear husband just looked at this while I was tweaking it and said "Cooling towers... are you going to photoshop them out?" (Sigh...)

I passed them en route to collect some (freecycled) jodphurs and riding boots for Jodie to wear for school tomorrow - in connection with World Book Day (which was today) they are dressing in outfits to do with their hobby. Jodie loves horses & ponies and wants to learn to ride.

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  1. very neat, I like what you did to the last one, neat!

  2. I really like the perspective of the first image Nicky. Very nice.



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