Friday, 3 April 2009

93/365 Pashmina fringe

I bought this beautiful pashmina earlier this week - I had to get shoes and a bag for a forthcoming wedding, and couldn't resist this as well, not for the wedding, just for me! I hand-washed it ready for ironing and I was struck by the hues of the beads and how the light struck them when I hung it out in the conservatory. Its cashmere and silk, and I would never be able to justify buying it brand new - I found it at Pearls & Scarlett Dress Agency: vintage, designer, boutique & top-end clothing, bags, shoes & accessories. Fabulous!

I couldn't let today's post pass without showing you these pictures. Jodie had her first (professional) haircut today and was a very good girl for HL, who did a great job of tidying up my efforts at trimming! Now Jodie is growing her hair for pony tail/bunches, it needs a regular trim to keep it tidy. She looks so grown up, chatting away! Click here to see them properly:

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  1. While the lampshade is pretty, I love the reflection shots at the hair dressers. What a wonderful keepsake :o)

  2. Lampshade?? Its a pashmina!! :0) Nicky



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