Friday, 10 April 2009

100/365 DandyLion (Common Dandelion, taraxacum officinale)

This "DandyLion" and his pals had better watch out, we'll be doing more in the garden now spring seems to have sprung, so their days are numbered. Weather permitting of course.

You'll note the rain drops - at a recent talk at the photography club, Barry Payling said we shouldn't let a bit of rain stop us from being out and about with our cameras. So I went down the garden in the rain. ;0) This is another shot from today, a flower bud (?) on a small tree/large shrub gifted to me via freecycle but I don't know what it is... apart from being beautiful. The leaves look like hornbeam, but I can't find a similar picture online to identify it. Anyone recognise it?

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