Sunday, 12 April 2009

102/365 Roland & Suzanne's Wedding

My brother Roland married Suzanne today at The Boathouse, Sutton Park. They posed for the cake cutting shot, then started to cut the cake and were laughing because the knife got stuck! I have had to make a quick choice for the blog as I am so tired!

I took almost 300 photos and we are all exhausted, Mark and the kids are already in bed and more than likely already asleep as I type, but I had to blog ;0)

There will be an album on my Picasa gallery soon, but now I must get to bed, its been a long but lovely day - the partying is still going on!! Congratulations Rol & Suzanne!

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  1. Looks ike she has a good sense of humor over a wedding day blunder. Fun capture :o) Can't wait to see the rest

  2. It wasn't such a blunder - the whole wedding was a very light-hearted and fun affair, although the seriousness of the committment was not lost in all the hilarity. I've never been to a wedding as much fun as this one, even the registrar was funny, and they're generally only just human!



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