Wednesday, 8 April 2009

98/365 Toll House in Spring

In 33/365 this tree was dusted with snow. I just had to stop on the way past it today to get this shot of it before the blossom is fully open. As I said back then, its one of my favourite trees. Today though, I took some more detailed shots of the Toll House itself. The folk who live there have 2 huge dogs with deep gruff barks to match! I think they might be great danes.

The downstairs window used to be a bay window but a vehicle crashed into it in the 1960s, you can see the brickwork is different where it has been repaired.

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  1. That tree IS really pretty. I am surprised how close the front door is to the road. Yikes! Look both ways before setting foot out the door LOL :o)

  2. Aren't old houses cool! I love the history!

  3. So beautiful... we don't have anything like that here. Our town is pretty young... kind of a bummer.



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