Friday, 17 April 2009

107/365 New boots

Tomorrow, Oliver will become a Russian, just for the day. We shall be attending a re-enactment event at a history festival near York. He'll be joining a Russian re-enactment group, wearing some kit on loan, manning the machine gun noise box which replicates the sound of a machine gun on the battlefield, and also taking part in the grand history parade. He needed military-style boots and we found the perfect pair yesterday, soft leather so they shouldn't rub, and they were a good price too. Tomorrow's pic will probably be of the event.

Meanwhile - after we arrived at the B&B, we went for a stroll up the road towards a barracks (which is in the background here) and Jodie wanted her picture taken by the postbox, and Oliver joined her (quick - press that shutter!) and Mark did too. With recent proposed changes in the law with regard to photography and terrorism... a shot like this could land me in big trouble! Do I look like a terrorist to you?? ;0)

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  1. cool shot :o)

  2. I really like the perspective on the boot shot! Good work!



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