Monday, 13 April 2009

103/365 Laptop Central

Alex & Lauren, surfing the net, facebooking, etc etc... Since my brother married Suzanne yesterday I figured out that Lauren is now my step-neice, seeing as her Mum is now my sister-in-law. Wedding pics abound on facebook from almost everyone who attended the wedding seems like! When I arrived at Suzanne & Rol's house this afternoon Suzanne was just looking at mine on the Picasa page. Everyone had a great time, and they're all tired but happy ;0)

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  1. I looked on Picasa and can't find the wedding pictures. Are you going to post more? Love to see them. Funny how we are all plugged in these days. My daughter has facebook, myspace, and several blogs, not to mention her cell phone.

  2. The album is up, but not public yet :0)



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