Sunday, 22 February 2009

53/365 Wedding Day Memories

Here are my bridal bouquet & headress, along with my husband's button hole and my Mum's corsage. I came across them the other week when looking for the vintage toys for Jodie's school topic, and left them out to include in my blog. All the flowers were silk/dried and included poppy seed heads and pine cones. We were married on the first day of autumn and our colour scheme was autumnal. I am something of a control freak and had all the flowers ready 6 weeks in advance of the wedding as I didn't want to risk fresh flowers turning up completely wrong on the morning of the wedding! (September 23rd, 1994)

When I was arranging them this afternoon a piece of pink confetti fluttered to the floor, having been caught up amongst the flowers since The Wedding Day! I supplied all the lady guests and children with colour-fast confetti in heart & butterfly shapes in heart shaped boxes. I tested several makes to find a colourfast one and the reason for this was that a friend's dress was ruined by red & pink confetti which ran when it became wet on their drizzly wedding day. (Control freak - see?? I'm not so bad since I had kids!!) Perhaps another day I'll bring out my dress, veil and lace ankle boots...

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  1. How nice that you still have those. Beautiful captures

  2. They are beautiful. Love the arrangement. Mine were real red roses, so I just have to take pics like I did last week when my husband gets me new ones :) We also got married in Vegas...



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