Tuesday, 17 February 2009

48/365 Pin cushion

This pin cushion belongs to my good friend Mel. We met up today to catch up on each other's news whilst our girls played and Mel had been doing some sewing before we arrived. We've known each other around 7 years now and have many things in common, we're on the same wavelength most of the time! Mel and I are never short of things to talk about. I think she's one of my 3 best friends. I have a school days best friend (from before children), a becoming a family best friend (we met in AN classes), both of whom no longer live close by, but Mel is my local best friend :0)

Mel was expecting a tulip shot on the blog today - she had some lovely pink and white ones.


  1. I love your collection of tulips, they are such beautiful flowers! :)

  2. Beautiful tulips! I thought the pin cushion was a cake at 1st -- time to go get my glasses I guess.

  3. The tulips are very pretty. My son got me the same kind. My PAD is tulips today as well :o)



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