Thursday, 5 February 2009

36/365 Trellis

Yesterday's "Thaw" may have lulled us into a false sense of security! Overnight we had a good 6 inches of snow and to the children's delight, school was closed. We don't get snow here every winter so having snow good enough, deep enough, staying long enough to play in is something of a novelty - snowmen, snowball fights, sledging... half the neighbourhood were at Allestree Rec this morning. Jodie seems to feel the cold like I do so she stayed indoors (once we got home from walking halfway to school - we couldn't find out if it was closed in time!) and watched me build her a snow horse on the drive. Oliver had a great time at the Rec. And I (predictably!) took lots of photos! Jodie was very patient while I spent time out front and in the garden; once M was home I went for a short walk to take a few landscape shots. So, tough choice for today's photo, look at all the other possibilities in "Snow Day" on my Picasa page, link right.
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  1. Nicky, I love the angle you used to photograph the trellis. The perfect snow resting in it is very pretty. Good eye.

  2. I think you chose a good one :) Kids and snow. Wish I liked it as much as they do!

  3. Love the perspective and lines in this photo!



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