Saturday, 21 February 2009

52/365 Spinner

Thursday's party bag had a spinner in it. Jodie was learning how to set it spinning today, inbetween reading her magazine. It was trickier to photograph than expected - too slow a shutter speed and its too blurred, too fast a shutter speed and you can't really tell its moving!

Jodie seemed to be very busy today, drawing and colouring, making a book, doing some of the activities in her magazine - she works out what to do with little or no help mostly, such a clever girl! She needed an early night though - school starts again on Monday after a week's break and Daddy has let her bedtime slip!

Today's mainly clear blue sky was criss-crossed by plane trails this afternoon which looked fabulous as the sun started to go down. So what with Jodie and the sky both looking so fabulous, I just had to post 3 today.

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  1. great pictures. The top is very cool



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