Sunday, 15 February 2009

46/365 Beer Friends

Yesterday, Mark treated himself to a few bottles of beer, (we keep Valentine's Day very low key in this house!) so I set up the bottles this afternoon to play with lighting and such and also some Photoshop practice which Mark suggested. This is lit using a floor lamp to the right and above bounced off the nearby white wall, and a silver reflector to the left for some definition against the black velvet background. The bottle at the back was Old Speckled Hen and had already been drunk, and as it was a clear bottle rather than dark brown, I filled it with tea of the right shade. That's enough info for now... Can you guess what PS editing I did, specifically?? No prizes folks, just for fun! ;0)
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  1. That's a nice sharp shot Nickey! Well done.

  2. The lighting looks good. It's something I need to work on myself.

  3. My guess is you took out the background so it was black when published.

  4. The answer is: I duplicated the bottle top from the right bottle to use on the left bottle, re-sizing and removing some distinguishing features. No-body spotted it ;0) Nicky x



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