Thursday, 19 November 2009

323/365 Turned on

I didn't get the camera out until evening time, busy day, so had to think of something, with low light and high ISO. My PC is currently crammed into a small space on a landing outside our loft room, cosy enough (now the heating is on again) but not my usual workspace. I am behind with images, can't wait to get moved into my lovely new space downstairs, but there is much to do, mainly involving large quantities of emulsion and satinwood! I am keen to get started, looking forward to decorating, for the first time in months. Getting excited about watching paint dry... I need to get out more! No! I need to get painting so I can get moved in to my lovely new space and get creative with making images through the winter when I will spend less time out with cam - can I get back on top?
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