Thursday, 5 November 2009

309/365 Communicate with me

I like communicating with people, I email a lot, and I facebook some, I text, I make voice calls, but I rarely write a letter these days. I used to. I have pen friends in Australia, the USA and Canada I've been in touch with for decades, but we no longer write letters and post them. I like that I can keep a little in touch with a lot of people via the internet, but I do still like to write a long chatty letter once in a while, mainly to older relatives who aren't online! I like communicating via this blog too, family, friends and total strangers land here from all over the world - cool!
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  1. Hi. Nice sharing. *Smiles* I miss snail mail.

  2. I love the electronic way of communicating, I can have e-conversations throughout the day, when a written letter would restrict that.

  3. Nicky
    I so agree with your words today about communication. It is so eeasy to keep in touch but I do miss writing and receiving a handwritten letter



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