Thursday, 25 June 2009

176/365 Pink flower (hardy geranium)

I admit to having to grab quick shots the past couple of days, I have been so busy processing photos, having a bit of a training session with RB, helping JW with a NW newsletter and rediscovering my loft room carpet! (With Oliver away, I have had a chance to tidy the loft room, which was strewn with his toy soldiers!) Also, with the current hot spell, I have to be careful not to get too hot and too tired or I'll be struck down with heatstroke and no good to anybody. So, Summer Fair pictures ordered online to collect tomorrow, loft room tidy enough for a photo session with AE tomorrow, album design software ready to go for J&S's wedding album... if I didn't have to eat and sleep I'd get so much more done! Oh, and tomorrow Oliver comes home from Devon with a mountian of hideous laundry, and I should get to see my May Ball pics in July's Derbyshire Life :0))) Its all happening folks!!
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