Saturday, 6 June 2009

157/365 The Witch's Familiar

I think Rosie may be a Witch's Familiar, or perhaps was a witch in a former life. She is part feral, so that explains some of her traits. She is shy and very sharp - never plays with her claws in - and if she needs medicating, we always have the vet do it. And a new collar is a four handed job. And getting her into a cat carrier? Well, we both have scars!

Rosie is so hard to photograph. Being black she fools the camera, both with exposure and focusing. Jodie helped to distract Rosie who is usually camera shy; lying full length on the conservatory floor didn't work, so I ended up resting the camera partly on the floor and pointing it at an angle roughly in her direction, and hoping for the best! This is one of 3 shots that (amazingly!) worked out, especially with a little PSE7 tweaking. Rosie is at floor level, almost under the table, with just enough reflected light to gently define her features.
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