Sunday, 14 June 2009

165/365 Foxtrot-3-5-Xray-Oscar-Hotel

My first car was a little red Ford Fiesta, reg number F35 XOH. I was working in a Ford dealership at the time (88-89) and gained a nickname "The Dragon Lady" (who - me??!) and so when I bought the car I called it Dragonfly and had TP in the Parts dept make me a set of plates with the name on. When the car was traded in for our Peugeot I kept the rear plate, putting the original "Skyway Ford Birmingham" one back on. This has come to light today as we've been clearing out the garage before demolition later this year.
Meanwhile, Jodie set up pretend horse jumps in the garden today and insisted knocking the mop off the upturned bowl was not 4 faults. That'll be a clear round then!
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