Saturday, 30 May 2009

150/365 Ponyville dans la salle de bain

Isn't it always the way when you set up something (quick and easy in this case) for the daily blog shot, then you turn around and find your offspring doing something, you shoot and that's it, The Blog Shot?! I spent most of today getting stuff listed on ebay as it was too hot to be in the garden, but I wasn't going to use a 'product shot' for my blog. And late this afternoon when it was cooler we popped to Toys R Us (which I dislike intensely, but needs must) to choose a gift for a birthday party coming up and I took a handful of 'pink aisle' shots while we were there, but none of them shouted 'pick me! pick me!' So, while Jodie was in the bath I set up a cosmetics shot on the opposite windowsill in the bathroom, but Jodie's Ponyville car/ice cream van or whatever it is wins today's shot.

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