Saturday, 9 May 2009

129/365 A daisy for Andy

I attended a Celebration of Andy's life today. Andy died from cancer a couple of weeks ago and was buried at Olney Green Burial Ground in Buckinghamshire this afternoon with his widow Jeni, whom I went to art collage with, their families and friends, swimming team members and colleagues present. It was pretty windy but stayed dry, and the sun had a go at shining. Jeni was in good spirits and did brilliantly, there was laughter as well as tears, Andy was well-loved and will be very much missed. I took several pictures of the committal from a distance, having arranged with Jeni beforehand. Trees are planted and the grass paths inbetween mown, and as time goes on this will become a wood. Daisies, buttercups and other wildflowers abound. So, a daisy for Andy.

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