Saturday, 16 May 2009

136/365 Orchid

I was given this beautiful orchid plant at around 1.30am this morning as I came away from last night's adventure. It was a thank you gift for agreeing to photograph the May Ball held to raise funds for Curzon School in Quarndon, and also to mark the 150th anniversary of it's founding. Although my kids don't go there, I know several parents whose kids do, and they know I'm game to photograph anything, so they asked me would I? Luckily, I had a cunning plan. Well, actually that's not strictly true, I had a plan which was bettered by Paul, an event photographer who was willing to help me, so we did it together, although almost all the shots taken were taken by me, and almost all the shots purchased were taken by me. It was great fun, but exhausting! You can see some of the photos here; the few with a plain backdrop are Paul's. Thanks Paul :0)
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