Saturday, 26 December 2009

359/365 Rip, rend, tear... !

Another tradition in my family: on Christmas morning, open presents first - before anything else, before breakfast, still in PJs, that's a rule!!! (I remember so many years when I was little of waiting and being so unhappy about it!) Oliver was thrilled to get his top two hopefuls, a phone and a particular PS2 game. Result! His phone has a camera function (I use the term 'camera' loosely here!) and once he found that, he immediately shot his game! LOL! Jodie got a pony game which she has played on the laptop, Playmobil (pony/unicorn!),
lots of arts and crafts things, and they both got lots of books. We had a very relaxed Christmas Day, we all got something we really wanted.
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