Thursday, 10 December 2009

344/365 Its all about the light

I am always reading that photography is all about The Light, chasing it, catching it, waiting for it, the golden hours of dawn and dusk, and with so many grey days in the UK is it any wonder that I'm learning about how to control The Light, artificial light, studio light? Flash still has me baffled although I've achieved good results more by accident than design with a Speedlight 430EX. Now, I'm trying out studio kit and loving it - I covet PM's lights! And RB's! (see 341/365 and 342/365) However, I still get a thrill when I catch natural light falling in a way that pleases me - here I caught reflections of my new space in my new desk lamp's glossy black shade. To the left are the two roof skylights, to the far right my monitor, and off centre, the window to my right - bright autumn sunshine was falling on the houses across the street. It's all about The Light.
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