Friday, 7 August 2009

218/365 Water

I captured this 'shower' right before it started to rain. The sun shone this morning and it seemed a fine warm day, so we filled the paddling pool; I set the hose going while I put washing out on the line to dry. Within half an hour it had begun to rain, just a little, so while Jodie played in the paddling pool I sat with an umbrella and camera nearby. As the rain started to get more insistant - I had hoped it was a passing shower, it seemed so pathetic - we decided to get the washing in and come indoors instead. The curse of the paddling pool... ? Uh-oh...

Also this morning, whilst the sun shone, the butterflies were all over the buddleia like a rash, and Sweetie hid in the winter flowering jasmine hoping to pounce on one.

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