Wednesday, 5 August 2009

217/365 Old family photographs

This afternoon was spent looking through old photographs of my family. I took the boxes of prints and negatives to Roland & Suzanne's - Suzanne had asked if I could look out any photos of Roland growing up. Our Dad was a keen photographer for many years and had a darkroom of his own.

Across the bottom you can see our elder brother Steve, our Mum, Steve again. Across the centre - Rol & Steve with Mum; cousins Cathryn & David, our Mum holding baby Steve on the top of the wall, and Aunty Honey (Ethel) and Uncle Alf (obscured); Aunty Honey holding a turkey (they were farmers). Top image is cousin Cathryn; top right Roland as a toddler and Steve (obscured) with 2 girls whom we think may be Uncle George's daughters, so cousins.

The oldest images were of our parents as babies/toddlers in the early 1930s. As is so often the case, only a few pictures had any info on the reverse, and some that had been in albums had been removed or fallen out and so were separated from their captions.
Our own children will have digital archives with not just dates but the times that images were captured - but still not necessarily names and places!
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  1. if you have the time to scan them that would be great,David Morris



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