Tuesday, 14 July 2009

195/365 Caution! Press photographer at work!

So this is how the pros do it...? Here is Matt, a photographer for the DET (Derby Evening Telegraph) shooting us shooting him. "Us" was TB, BT, SM, JI and a few other club members, Jodie and me. He arranged us around the Bonnie Prince Charlie statue at Cathedral Green and asked us to adopt the "lunge" stance with cameras trained on him. Jodie joined in and took a few as well! After a couple other shots with maps and cams the rain came so we made for shelter. He crouched down to Jodie's level to ask her name and age and very patiently waited while she spelt out our surname a letter at a time - there are 11 of 'em!! So look out for us in the DET before Saturday's World Wide Photo Walk! Posted by Picasa

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