Thursday, 29 October 2009

302/365 Hoola Hoop

Jodie got a new hoola hoop when we went shopping in town yesterday. Being around me while I take photographs, she's picked up a thing or two and knows I need the tripod to get shots with slow exposures for capturing movement. (My words not hers, but he knows!) She knows about continuous shooting too :0) Of several bursts, this was her fav shot. But I have messed with it in PS some.
Jodie was going to let me have the last Fiendish Fancy today... but this was as close as I got - I answered the phone, then looked back and it was gone!
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  1. Love the way you have captured the hoopla at the top of its whirl. The cake looks scrummy to, guess you need to ask J how they taste ;0)



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