Friday, 11 September 2009

254/365 Helen's Front Door II

Today was another beautiful sunny day - high-contrast light, ugh! So I tried out exposure bracketing for the first time and combined 2 frames to produce this. This is my second attempt as just as I had completed the first, and was literally mousing towards 'save'... there was a power cut! >:0( But once I got back to it, I think I did a better job the second time.
Last time I shot this door it was a flat dull dismal day (9/365) in January - how much I've learnt since then??!! With what I have learnt I could make much more of the earlier entry, with my new enhancement skills and software - I have a guru to thank for getting me started and encouraging me to develop my skills.
Thank you - you know who you are :0)

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